Welcome to the Winter School of Truth Preparation Site! The burden of this site is that those serving at the Winter School of Truth would be saturated with the truth and learn to apply every point experientially to the young people through preparing personally and in groups.

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Ministry Quote

“I wish to point out that you need to be fully soaked and saturated with the divine truth. The summer school should be a school not only to the students but also to all the teachers. I hope that you yourself will be the first one to learn the truth. You cannot teach others without first being taught yourself. Likewise, you cannot minister a certain thing to others without first experiencing and enjoying that matter yourself. You can minister to others only what you yourself have enjoyed. Otherwise, your teaching will be merely doctrinal and thus will be in vain.

I would encourage you to prepare not only by yourself but with others who will be teaching the young people. Come together with several others and check every point of every lesson according to experience. In addition, practice converting the doctrinal points into experience. This will be a good preparation for teaching in an experiential way. If you do this, the summer school will be a great benefit not only to the young people but to the entire church. Let us take this way to teach the young people in the Summer School of Truth.” (Teacher’s Training Chapter 4 by Witness Lee)

5 thoughts on “Home

  1. This site is AWESOME! What a great way to get into the truth and fellowship. I love that we can now use technology to our advantage. Thank you Lord!

    1. Thanks Susanna for your help with the site! We really hope it can be useful for the saints to help one another get into the truth together.

      We particularly want to help one another in the question and answer sections with with practical experiences to help the group times.

    1. Hi Brother Bill,

      Yes, the site will be updated. We will have material ready to go for Monday 17th November.


  2. Dear saints,

    What will be the main content in the group study times at the WST this year? Will we be reading the lesson book portions with the YP, or reviewing the outlines and spoken messages, or some combination of the two?

    This would help in preparing for each lesson, although of course it is profitable for us to be getting into everything!

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